About Us

We are adventurers of the sky

and found our passion for aviation in a gyroplane

Great North AutoGyro Gyroplanes

Someone asked us why we fly gyroplanes

Our answer is that unlike anything else in general aviation, we can see the ground and sky at the same time. Gyro pilots often refer to the Gyro Grin.

As enthusiasts for aviation and gyroplanes we have just two words to describe the feeling of flying in a gyro… Pure Awesomeness! If you love the open sky, speed and agility then you belong with us.

Alternatively if you have a need for commercial applications like photo work, inspections, wildlife management or law enforcement we offer gyros for that work too—at a fraction of the cost of any other rotorcraft manned aircraft mission.

AutoGyro Gyroplane Logo

Great North AutoGyro was established in 2018 as the Midwest Dealer for the AutoGyro line of Gyroplanes in the US. We offer the full line of Gyroplanes from AutoGyro. Our pilots, instructors and maintenance staff are here to help you achieve your dreams in the air. With years of experience in aviation behind us we will make your experience as smooth as can be.